Bidirectional Conveyor with Sensors and Control Box (DI006)

Bidirectional Conveyor with Sensors and Control Box (DI006)

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Bidirectional conveyor (24V DC) for training purposes with integrated light barriers.


Manual control switch for testing and setup.
Variable geometry of belt guides (width and height).
Power (24V) can be supplied via any interface.
Interlocked control inputs.
“Right to repair” (easy disassembly, no SMD, no micro-electronics).

Multiple interfaces:

4mm banana sockets, e.g. for connection to PLC training boards.
M12 connectors, e.g. for connection to Fanuc Education Cell.
24-pin pin header, e.g. for connection to Siemens Logo training boards from IHK Lernsysteme (Kaftan Media).
Alternative interfaces available on request.


Supply voltage: 24V DC
Supply current: 60-100 mA (depending on conveyor load)
Belt speed: approx. 50 mm/s (no speed control)
Width: 504 mm
Depth: 142 mm
Height: 190 mm


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